Ekaga Futuristics

Technology calls for innovation & INNOVATION leads to progress

Our commitment defines our approach

Ekaga Futuristics Private Limited has been setup to address the gap which withholds the latest global innovators to enter into the Southeast Asia market. We realised that there are many global startups developing some cutting edge technology platforms and products in the field of telecom which can help Southeast Asian market operators generate profitable revenue growth in their own markets either by leading a quality progression strategy or offering transformation strategy which helps in cost optimisation and product differentiation.
While the global innovative startups have unique products and services, ability to enter the complex Southeast Asia telecom market is very different than other global markets due its sheer volume. Along with volume comes the price sensitivity and the customised business models, which makes it difficult for global startups to explore this market early. Ekaga is bringing service innovation to help such global startups enter this market. Since we work closely with the Indian telecom operators, it helps us mark the key challenges and trends early on and hence identify the right global prospects which can bring transformation.
We are also creating an ecosystem for service providers, authorities and enterprises to have access to such innovative technologies and use them effectively.

Vision & Mission

We intend to strengthen and transform global partnerships through service innovation. Ekaga strives towards being a gateway for global innovative products & services and enhance profitable value for players across the globe through cost optimization and product differentiation. 

Why Partner with us

Our deep understanding of the markets coupled with innovative growth strategies helps you in quick expansion of the business.

Market Knowledge

Situation Analysis

We look to see what developments, opportunities and threats are there in the markets so that our partners can base their decisions on hard facts.

Customer Acquisition

Creating Experience

We create a systematic, sustainable acquisition strategy that can evolve with new trends and changes. We focus on the operations and processes of a business around the needs of individual customers.

Market Expansion

Measuring Success

We help companies to grow their business in existing markets and expand into the new ones focussing on Southeast Asian markets. Our services are precisely tailored to the exact needs of our partners.

Our Team

We are persistent in our efforts & committed to get you business. Our highly competent and experienced team ensures that we work towards the success of each of our partners. We are dedicated towards delivering the highest level of service excellence.