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Our foundation for future : Innovation

Over the years, technology has revolutionized our perspective of the world and has breeded new kinds of habits and addictions. While there are some remarkable efforts which can be experienced in this field, there are many untapped cutting edge technologies being developed across the globe which can actually benefit the Southeast Asian market in a remarkable way. Ekaga Futuristics is working towards getting such innovative players into this market. Our main aim is to bridge the digital divide in these markets and bring in the desired transformation.

Solutions Portfolio

Embrace emerging technologies from our global partners

Parental Controls

Manage and monitor with right controls

Helping customers protect their loved ones from Internet harm. Customised timelines for accessing internet and further blocking the illegal and explicit content.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet the madatory Government filtering requirements

Cost effective option for mobile and fixed line broadband providers to meet mandatory content blocking requirements.

Augmented Connectivity

Connected to the last mile

Optimising existing networks to bring constant connectivity to all Android smartphones and IoT devices, enabling coverage for 95% of the world’s population without the need for any additional infrastructure investment.

Managed DNS

High performance recursive DNS 

Fully managed recursive DNS solution, that ensures network and users are protected against DDoS attacks, malware and phishing schemes whilst getting industry leading DNS performance, security and reliability.

Safe Public WiFi

Protect citizens from cybercrime on public WIFI network

An add on service with no additional infrastructure cost. It hooks to the existing infrastructure to make it a friendly WIFI and can protect any numbers of WIFI hotspots.