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Bypass Network Services Limited

Bypass believes in making web a better place. It provides filtering services which keep kids safe online and helps telecommunications service providers meet industry regulated compliance requirements. 


Be-Bound optimizes existing networks to bring constant connectivity to all Android smartphones and IoT devices, enabling coverage for 95% of the world’s population without the need for any additional infrastructure investment. This technology is made for corporations, governments, mobile network operators, and developers to connect the unconnected, immediately.

What our Partners Say

We always do our best, no matter how complicated things get

" Ekaga has been a valuable strategic partner of Bypass since 2016. The Partnering with Ekaga has resulted in Bypass expand its global network footprint into three new markets. Global relationships and intimate market knowledge combined with proactive customer engagement and a well thought out strategy have proven to be a success in growing Bypass’s business in Asia."

Matthew Jackson

Commercial Director & Co-founder, BNSL, New Zealand

Ekaga is a small team of skilled professionals. We’ve been working with them for several months and they help us understand the Indian market. It’s a huge, demanding market and Ekaga provides their expertise through a clear methodology. They have proposed a successful Go-To-Marketstrategy adapted to our Augmented Connectivity service. I recommend them, especially for western companies wanting to enter India.

Olivier Rousseau

VP Operations & Marketing, Be-Bound, France