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'Beta Launch' Overseas?

Should startups opt ‘Beta Launch’ - for their Product/Services overseas?  Opening up a branch office overseas is often considered to be a symbol of success for any organisation. But, have you ‘tested’ your own waters first?

The road to expansion is not only difficult to navigate but is also a tricky proposition in an organisation's growth strategy.  Expansion is considered to be a very important aspect and milestone in an organisation's journey. But ever wondered, why do some startups want expansion in the initial phase? Why during the beta phase? Why do they think thats its the overseas operations which will bring them guaranteed success?  Because, THATS the main parameter to measure success.

People and organisations on the other side of the table consider THE OVERSEAS operations  an important parameter for gateway to success. Having an expansion strategy in place early does not mean they should expand to countries at will without properly researching which markets make most sense for their growth.

Expansion is a very thoughtful and process driven phenomenon. Every business should begin in one's home country with a known market and target audience. 

Important stages to be considered before DIVING

Below are the key parameters before you 'Scale Up' in other countries

Many businesses have a desire to eventually expand and cater to broader audience. These four high level parameters can help you to make the best decision for your business. A disciplined process will further help in accurately assessing the potential of each growth opportunity.

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